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          International Students
          Collaboration International >> Collaboration
          The method of fund management for students studying abroad in Jiangsu university
          Date:2017/11/13 | View:

            Chapter 1  General Principles

            Article 1  According to the implementation opinions of jiangsu university on promoting international work (jiangsu university [2010] no. 359), the school has set up a student exchange fund to comprehensively promote and implement the internationalization strategy of education, further promote and encourage our students to study overseas. The method is specially formulated in order to manage the funds.
            Article 2  For the first time, the special funds will be invested in RMB 5 million to fund our university students to study abroad or to take foreign language examinations. After each year, fund will be added according to the actual situation.
            Article 3  Study abroad referred to in this method include overseas at public expense or at one's own expenses study abroad, participate in international academic conferences, to overseas schools (or after school certificate of education institutions) to communicate learning,  practice (including professional practice, social research, cultural exchange, course learning, paid holidays internship, etc.).
            Article 4  The foreign language tests for going abroad referred to in this method include IELTS, TOEFF, GRE, GMAT, DSH, French TEF/TCF, Japanese proficiency test, Korean proficiency test, etc.

            Chapter 2 Application Requirement

          Article 5  Full-time postgraduates and undergraduates in China who got our school roll archives.
            Article 6  Students must love the socialist motherland, support the leadership of the communist party of China, observe the constitution and the law, possess good political and business quality, as well as strong organizational concept.
            Article 7  Honest and trustworthy, good moral quality, abide by the rules and regulations of the school, no violation of law and discipline during the study period.
            Article 8  Actively participating in overseas study or foreign language test, and willing to carry out overseas study and overseas examination program service for the school after receiving the school funding.
            Article 9  Students who win honors as follows National scholarship, National Encouragement scholarship, Excellent Student Leader in Jiangsu province, All-round good student, President Scholarship, All-round good model, Top ten students of jiangsu university, The inspirational star of Jiangsu university have priority access fund.

            Chapter 3  Overseas Study And Funding Standards

            Article 10  The funding standards of students who studying abroad during school period or in graduation year are as follows:
            1.  Students who study abroad in global rankings within 300 schools, or ESI international top 1% of the disciplines, or QS World University Rankings by Subject of Social Sciences category in the top 200 subjects, will required reimbursement from school----study for a higher degree will be reimbursed 30000 yuan, same degree 10000 yuan per person.
            2.  Students who study abroad in global rankings 300 outside of school, or ESI international top 1% outside of disciplines, or QS World University Rankings by Subject of Social Sciences category outside of the top 200 discipline, will required reimbursement from school----study for a higher degree will be reimbursed 6000 yuan, same degree 2000 yuan per person.
            3.  Students study in Japan: financial aid policies are same as1.and 2. in this article if they can get a college OFFER and enroll of the university; financial aid policy is same as article 14 in this method if they only to attend language schools in Japan. The school will further fund the balance If they receive a university OFFER enroll after required reimbursement of studying language school in Japan.
            4.  Global ranking standard of study abroad schools is the latest <Academic Ranking of World Universities of SJTU> when students apply for funding; Discipline ranking standard is the latest issue of ESI international academic ranking when students apply for funding; Liberal arts category ranking standard is category ranking of the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject's Social Sciences when students apply for funding.
            Article 11  Students who invited to attend international academic conference, make academic presentation and comply with article 9 will received subsidy. students with financial difficulties will be subsidized with no more than 15000 yuan, others 10000 yuan.
            Article 12  Students participate in the international academic seminar of the three countries, which is held overseas. The funding standards are as follows:
            1.  The international travel expenses of the selected participating students will be covered by the school.
            2.  Funding students who attend at their own expense is the same as the Article 14 of the measures.
            Article 13  Students to China's ministry of education approved outside school (or after school certificate of education institutions) for the academic year (term) exchange of learning and to participate in Jiangsu university students outside the government scholarship program, comply with article 9 of the conditions, will require school funding of 10000 yuan per person; Students who rewarded all-round good student of school level, excellent student leader will require financial aid of 5000 yuan per person, other students the school funds 3000 yuan per person.
            Article 14  Students who attended internship abroad/practice project school recommended (including professional practice, social investigation, cultural exchanges, courses, etc.),  and comply with article 9 of the conditions, will require school funding of 5000 yuan per person; Students who rewarded all-round good student of school level, excellent student leader will require financial aid of 3000 yuan per person, other students the school funds 2000 yuan per person.
            Article 15  Students who attended holiday paid internship school recommend, comply with article 9 of the conditions, will require school funding of 3000 yuan per person; Students who rewarded all-round good student of school level, excellent student leader will require financial aid of 2000 yuan per person, other students the school funds 1000 yuan per person.
            Article 16 the first-year students (including master's and undergraduate students) will go overseas to study, and the awards and honors of the academic year will be selected for the time of selection. Other students receive awards, honors, and awards for academic year.
            Article 17 Students can only receive one subsidy at the time of school, and can increase the subsidy by one time in graduation year.

            Chapter 4  Funding standards of participating in foreign language test

            Article 18  During school time, different foreign language examination results corresponding to different reimbursement standards as follows:
            1.  Reimbursement of all examination fees:scores of IELTS no less than 6.5, TOEFL no less than 85, new GRE no less than 319, GMAT no less than 600 points, TestDaF fourth level or DSH second level and above, French TEF no less than 699, TCF no less than 380, Korean, Japanese grade exam grade 2 or more ability to test students in grade 9 and above
            2.  School reimburse half test registration: IELTS 6 points, TOEFL 79-84 points, new GRE 300-318 points, GMAT 580-599 points,Telford grade 3 or DSH first grade, French TEF 300-698 points, TCF 300-379, Japanese level 3, Korean grade 8. Once again taking the test after reimbursement, the school will further fund the balance if the standard 1. is reached.
            Article 19  Other language proficiency test reimbursement methods refer to the previous clause.
            Article 20  Students who participate in foreign language examinations at school can only get one full reimbursement of test fee.

            Chapter 5  Application Procedures
            Article 21  Students are required to provide the following supporting documents to apply for funding from the student office:
            1.  Student who study abroad during school period or in graduation year, need to provide the original admission letter for overseas study and other relevant certificates such as whether to obtain a scholarship to study abroad before leaving school and to submit registration certificate after register in the overseas school.
            2.  Students who are invited to participate in international academic conferences held overseas and make academic reports, need to provide the original invitation letter and certificate of make academic report, and the original certificate of award in school.
            3.  Students need to Provide the original of the selected notice and the original of the award certificate if they attend the meeting of “ 三國三?!?held in overseas, or exchange and study to overseas friendly school and education institutions after school certificate or to overseas practice, (including professional practice, social investigation, cultural exchanges, study tour etc.) or  Government scholarship program of overseas study in universities in Jiangsu or to take a summer paid internship abroad.
            4.  The students who take the foreign language examination and obtain the corresponding test scores need to provide the original transcript
            Article 22  The student affairs office reviews according to the selection criteria.
            Article 23  The student affairs office will inform the finance office of information include student list, bank card numbers of students and the amount of patronage, which transferring funds into the student's bank card at one time .

            Chapter 6  Supplementary Articles

            Article 24  Examination of funding for student going abroad are conducted quarterly. The applicant shall be informed of the results within 7 working days after the end of each quarter.
            Article 25  The student work department is responsible for the management of funds--special funds for special use.
            Article 26  The school will deduct some or all of the funds in case of any of the following circumstances :
            1.  A sharp decline in academic performance.
            2.  Violations of law and discipline
            3.  Overstay
            Article 27  Conditions that need to be funded but are not enumerated in this method should submit to the school for approval according to the similar provisions.
            Article 28  This method is to be explained by the student work department and implemented since the date of promulgation. The present measures shall prevail if other documents and system related to the international financing of students inconsistent with this method.

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